Live Clean

A hugely important part of the way we live as a family is this - to live clean.  Now nobody's perfect, including us, but we strive to do our best to live in this way; using non-toxic and chemical free household products, personal products, eating organic fruits and vegetables, and sourcing our meat and dairy locally from humane farmers as much as possible.  

That said, last year an opportunity presented itself to me that enabled us to live this way - and also help others find this path.  If I can help just one person or family switch out of some or all of the chemical laden products that we as a society have become so dependent on, my work is done.  

I wanted to share some of my favorite things here - and if you're inspired, email me!  I'd love to help you into this lifestyle.  Taking this path is a huge step in self-care, family-care - and teaching our children how to live. 

If you haven't yet tried anything from me - use this code: 015300 - for $10 off of your first purchase!  

Liquid Biocell Collagen for all!  

Liquid Biocell Collagen for all!  

Liquid Collagen - AKA 'Liquid Gold'

What is collagen???  I know some of you are asking that right now!  I did just a couple of years ago. 

Collagen is something your body has been naturally producing since birth.  It keeps your joints healthy, your skin bright and supple, and hair and nails strong.  Your body makes lots and lots of it....until about age 28 when it starts to make less and less.  And the production REALLY falls off around age 35.  Wahh wahhhhhh....

So - why wouldn't you replace it, and help heal your body from the inside out?  That's what Liquid Biocell is ALL ABOUT.   Give yourself a leg up on aging - taking this daily is A LOT less than the plastic surgeons will charge in the future for a face lift.......or the orthopedic surgeons will charge for a new knee someday.  

As an avid tennis player and cross-fitter, I can happily say, liquid collagen helped to heal my plantar's fasciitis, and has totally changed my skin.  Within about a month of taking this stuff - I had 3 separate people comment on how great my skin looked (and this was sans makeup!).  You can't make that up, people!  Give yourself a month on this stuff and you'll never go back.  

Burn Baby Burn

Everyday, around 3pm, I literally want to go to sleep for the night.  SO. TIRED.   And all I want to do is carb-load.  My kids' Goldfish?  Granola bars?  Perhaps cheese and crackers?  

Not anymore!  My friend Burn here......she's a daily pick me up.  I take two in the morning, 1 at lunchtime, and I can go ALL day.  All natural - it's a mixture of green tea and coffee extracts - and 100% does the trick.  No more nappy feelings at 3pm, I'm so productive! food cravings.  I eat what I eat, and am not 'famished' or feeling like I could eat all of my kids' goldfish and still be hungry.  

My Friend Burn

My Friend Burn

Live Clean & Clean Up!  

Live Clean & Clean Up!  

Clean YO' House!  

As I mentioned before - I'm ALL ABOUT non-toxic and chemical free household products.  You would never BELIEVE the amount of toxins in your hand soap, your dish detergent, your laundry detergent.....I could go on!  

We get a monthly shipment of the following:  hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher packs, laundry detergent, & a few other varied products.  Best part?  I get a text reminder that my stuff is shipping a few days before, so I can login and edit my shipment in case we don't need something, OR if we need something extra that wasn't already in my cart.  

I LOVE this service.....and I LOVE the products and what they stand for and deliver for my family.  The price is right, too - a lot of people think 'non-toxic/chemical free' is going to be expensive - but it's not!  Super comparable to what you'll find at your local grocery store. Can't argue with that.