Wardrobe Consultant

Typically, I view this as the first step in a style evolution (or revolution as some of my clients have called it!).  In a wardrobe consultation, I will assess my client's closet from top to bottom.  We look at each piece of clothing and ask the following:  Do you like it?  Do you wear it?  If not, why?  Does it need repair/dry cleaning?   Upon answering those questions, we decide what will stay, what will be donated, consigned, or taken in for cleaning/repair.  One of my favorite sections that we also set aside are clothes we like but don't know how to wear.  

That said, once we've done a full closet assessment, in looking at clothes to shoes to accessories, together with my client we look at what's left, and discuss what's missing - or the 'holes' in the wardrobe, as I like to call them.   From there, we will decide if a shopping session is in order, and we move to the next steps.  

The final part of my initial closet consultation is making each client an online 'shopping board,' which gives them direction on what they are missing in their wardrobe.  This is done within a week of the consultation, and is a great way to correspond with each client on their seasonal shopping needs moving forward.  

Personal Shopping

Come shop with me!  

We can hit the stores together.  Together, we'll decide on a list of needs and wants, a budget, and of course pinpoint which stores will best suit your wish-list.   I love shopping WITH a client because it allows me to help teach them how to navigate the store in a time efficient manner, where to spend more and/or less, and what to avoid for their wallet and their body-type.  I love to shop high-low, spending more on quality and timeless pieces, and less on trends and everyday pieces that tend to get worn out (IE white tee shirts).  That said, any and all input is desired, as I want this experience to be great for YOU.  

I'll shop FOR you.  

If you are someone who simply doesn't have the time to spend on a shopping trip due to a crazy schedule (work-kids-life, ya know), OR you simply just don't like to shop (totally get that), I will do the shopping FOR YOU.  

Beforehand, we'd decide on a list of needs and wants and a budget, and of course which stores you prefer, and I'll do the dirty work.  I'll bring all of my finds for you to your home, for a 1-2 hour try-on session, where we decide what we're keeping, what we aren't, and what needs alterations.  I will then take things out for alteration that need it, and process the returns for you.  

Expert Fashion Source for TV and Editorial

With over 15 years industry experience, I have collaborated with numerous print publications and  local TV news stations to offer seasonally relevant fashion and style expertise.  

I'm open to all ideas for collaboration - please contact me at mollie@stylespies.com for inquiries.

Editorial On-Set Styling

From start to finish on a fashion/editorial magazine shoot, I'm your girl.  Working with talent on sizing and preferences, sourcing looks both locally and online, and then putting the finishing touches on, on-set ........to seeing everything come together in publication is one of my favorite things do!   Check out my 'press' page for examples of previous work.